Straight to Success: Essential Experience

DID YOU KNOW: Relevant work experience makes you a preferred candidate for employers?  Those who work as interns are often offered full-time jobs by their employers?

Villanova University emphasizes the importance of gaining work-life experience as an undergraduate, and the Professional Development Program recently hosted an informative lecture on the benefits of Internships and Co-Ops.  After hearing the benefits of such endeavors, I’m convinced that participating in an Internship or Co-Op is the quickest way to begin my career as a professional, and the most efficient way to find success in the business world.

Why Should I Seek Internship Opportunities? 

I know what you’re thinking: between summer jobs, family, homework, sports, and a lack of leisure time in general, how could I possibly do an internship? Before attending this Professional Development event, I had the same concerns.  Now, I see that the costs are truly miniscule in comparison to the gains.  The experience is truly invaluable as far as resumes go, and I discovered I can even free up one of my semesters by earning credit hours for participation.  For more information on how to obtain course credit, or to learn about International opportunities, check out this link:

But Wait, What’s A “Co-Op”?

Heading into the event, I thought a “Co-Op” was nothing more than an alternative title for internship.  So– for those of you who can relate to my confusion, here’s a brief description of the Villanova Co-Op program:

A Co-Op is a six month program, that one typically participates in Junior Year.  While earning six credit hours and a salary, students work with sponsoring programs on a full-time basis.  If that’s not enough to sell you on it– the rest will. Read more at:

Okay, I’m Sold. But Now What?

The thought of going out and getting an internship or participating in a Co-Op can be intimidating! Lucky for you Villanova University provides endless resources for students who are looking to brighten and broaden their futures.  Attending this single lecture enabled me to see the countless opportunities for under-graduate students.  The more I learn, the more comfortable I feel about securing work experience, which is why you should check out the Internship and Co-Op lecture.  See for yourself the doors you’ll be opening soon!  By visiting the following link you can see all the different resources being offered, and figure out when you can make it to an upcoming lecture.

Now, all the tools are in your hands.  It’s as simple as setting your goals, and following the proper steps to obtain them.  With internship and Co-Op experience, the sky’s the limit. It’s up to you to go learn more at this Professional Development event, so ask yourself: Do I want to make as much money, as soon as possible? Do I want a priceless advantage over other job candidates?  Do what it takes to be the best business man or woman you can be, because the world is at your finger tips!


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